ACEHearingLandscapeTransparentACEHearing is the world’s first and only technology to quickly and accurately map out anyone’s hearing profile and automatically calibrate audio to optimize compensation accordingly. It has won awards and support from The Wall Street Journal, Credit Suisse and the Monile Manufactureres Forum, and results of ACEHearing’s clinical trials have been published in the peer-reviewed International Journal of Audiology.

ACEScreening is an affordable and accurate hearing assessment technology designed to assist audiologists, health providers and governments all over the world in their fight for hearing health.

SoundBarrierLandscapeTransparentSoundBarrier is the volume control that all Android phones should have shipped with. It allows the user to set the upper and lower boundaries for each type of volumes (phone calls, alarms, music etc.), and supports profiles for different situations to boot.Once the boundaries are set, even the physical volume buttons will be bounded by those limits. That means your phone’s ringer will never be silenced or made too loud by accidentally knocking on the volume rockers.

SimpleBookingsLandscapeTransparentPeople book flights and cars using their smartphones with just a few taps. Shouldn’t they be able to do the same with their clubhouse facilities or meeting rooms? Reservations happens anywhere at the speed of light. Your facilities’ business have everything to gain by modernizing the reservations process to what some call the “Post-PC era”.