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Ximplar’s mission is to make complex solutions simpler.  We develop innovative hardware and software solutions for ourselves and our customers.  Our products and services fall into 3 main categories: Self-Powered IoT Sensors, software development and Crowdfunding help.

Self-Powered IoT Sensors

We believe the most common reason IoT projects fail is the costs required to power the IoT sensors.  Imagine an airport deploying location trackers in 10,000 luggage dolly all over the tarmac and runway; or a large shopping mall deploying 5,000 climate sensors in every corner including the 50-foot-celing atrium.  Reworking the power grid to power all these devices is simply out of the question – can you imagine just the meetings to get the permissions to dig up the runway?  In fact even charging the battery of each sensor once-a-year is a logistic nightmare that no one wants to own.

That’s why Ximplar developed self-powered IoT Sensors.  The true innovation lies in our energy management technology.  Our devices draw energy from environmental energy sources such as ambient light and rocking motion, therefore allowing them to completely avoids installation and maintenance headaches.  We actually think it’s quite clever, if we do say so ourselves.

Learn more about our Self-Powered IoT for your next IoT project.

Software Development – from Enterprise grade to kick-ass apps

We love software.  Probably a bit too much.  We consider software to be an exciting art form that can breath much needed life into boring business processes and add a bit of spring to people’s daily routing… ok maybe I should stop.

At the end of the day, software development is the bread and butter of our work.  We have been helping companies build software since 2007.  We have helped Fortune 500 companies built management reporting portals; Wall Street firms develop analytic engines to find good deals; and startups launch their 1st app.  From Java to Kotlin, from C to Swing, from Client Server to Cloud Computing, from Business Intelligence to Big Data.  We love the ever-improving technology landscape.

Above all else, we love solving interesting problems.  Let us know if you have one!

Crowdfunding Experts

We also love hardware!  Our team is unique because we invest in both software and hardware expertise, and Ximplar’s setup gives us great advantage in being crowdfunding experts.

First of all, our office is in Hong Kong.  We are just 30 minutes from Shenzhen, the most advanced factory region in the world.   Because of that we can test ideas with designers and the factory face to face in real time.  We can often avoid months of trial and error work, as well as find and fix problems early and often.

On the other hand, Hong Kong being outside of mainland China means we can use all the best practices in digital marketing and SEO.  We promote crowdfunding campaigns with all the best growth hacking techniques to the entire world.

Thirdly, Hong Kong (did I mention that?) is one of the best logistic hub in the world.  There is no better port to ship your products out.

Finally, we have successfully converted crowdfunding projects into real businesses.  One of our favorite creation is Aumeo.  In addition to being a top 5% campaigns on Indiegogo, we have successfully launched it on Amazon.  Recently Aumeo has even landed in Japan.

If you are looking for crowdfunding experts, we would love to have a chat with you!

Ximplar can help you!

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