software development information technologyWe love software development.  We have been providing information technology development and solutions since 2007.  Our clients include Fortune 500 companies, Wall Street firms and startups.  Our projects range from Cloud Computing to Big Data to management portals to mobile apps.

Full Range Information Technology Expertise

The field of Information Technology  can seem dizzying to many companies.  The From Java to Kotlin, from C to Swing.  From Client Server to Cloud Computing, from Business Intelligence to Big Data.  Who has the time to keep up with Silicon Valley’s thinking-of-the-month when you have a business to run?

We on the other hand love the ever-improving technology landscape.  The love for technology (and all things geeky) is at the core of our company’s culture.  Our hiring process places high value on the grasp of fundamental programming concepts and the thirst to improve.  As a result it is second nature for us to stay current, all the while benefit from the wisdom of proven solutions and methods.  We excel at choosing the best technology to solve our customers’ problems, based on the actual needs and situation rather the latest software trends or buzzwords.

Good Software Development Made Simpler

Good software development doesn’t stop at using the right technology mix for the job.  Even more important are the architectural decisions for the company, which lays the strategic ground work for years or even decades to come.  A favorite example happened in a Wall Street bank.  Our customer’s team came up with an innovative financial product and business was growing quickly. However being first also meant there wasn’t any ready-made systems that could scale up the operation.  As a result their Excel wizards hacked up VBA macros as a quick fix.

Unfortunately this solution of loose Excel spreadsheets did not have any architectural planning to speak of.  It immediately created more problems than it solved.  There was no central database so even simple accounting tasks were a nightmare.  Each team member made small adjustments for each deal’s needs and in no time there were hundreds of versions.  There was no security to speak of.   Perhaps the most scariest part was that the entire bank’s deal records were sitting a single computer under a desk.  Very soon they called us in to help.

After a quick understanding of their business needs, we worked with the bank’s IT department to set up a client server solution.  The first version focused on delivering a scalable foundation for future growth, while providing the bare minimum business features for the team’s immediate needs was only a the secondary priority.  By insisting on a strong foundation, the system has proven to be very future proof for over a decade.  With proper planning and modification, it grew to support unforeseen business demands such as the rise of mobile apps.  Today it is one of the bank’s backbone systems.

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