Nature Powered IoT SensorsThe Final Problem: Installation & Maintenance of IoT Sensors

The Internet of Things promises to improve our lives.  Ubiquitous IoT sensors would automate tasks ranging from climate monitoring to equipment location and usage tracking.  The technology has been ready for years but adoption is too slow.  Experts like McKinsey & Company (pdf) agree on one missing link: the costs of powering all these sensors are way too high.

Like all electronic devices, all IoT sensors require power. That means periodic battery replacement or charging.  Often there is even a need to remodel the building or facility for power line rewiring.  As a result the installation and maintenance costs alone make most IoT projects impractical.

SelfPowered IoT sensors need no batteries!

To remove this last barrier, Ximplar has developed SelfPowered IoT sensors.  A series of patent-pending sensors that requires no battery at all.  They power themselves by the environment energy sources such as office lighting and small vibrations.

This meager amount of energy is enough to monitor metrics such as climate, air quality and indoor/outdoor location tracking.  Most notably, these sensors have enough power to communicate via standard RF methods including Narrow Band, 433MHz and Bluetooth.

Deploy and Forget

Because there are no batteries, we have designed our sensors to be very rugged, durable and water resistant.     Simply deploy and forget about them, even in harsh situations like elevators, refrigerators, shipping containers and more.

Turning Raw Data into Cloud Insight

All the raw data in the world means little unless there is a way to make sense of them.  Our easy to use cloud portal providing real time update and analysis on any web browser.  We are always adding new features based on customer feedback to help you make decisions.

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