SoundBarrier is now available!

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For Imme­di­ate Release 26 March 2013



[Hong Kong – 26, March 2013] Ximplar Limited (Ximplar), the company behind the award-winning ACEHearing technology, is announcing immediate availability of SoundBarrier for Android.

Android devices have 5 sets of volumes for Ringer, Phone Calls, Music, Alarm and System – and yet only one volume rocker, cause confusion among consumers on setting the desired volume.  Android phones also tend to have easily accessible volume buttons that can accidentally set the phone ringer to silent for full volume.  SoundBarrier allows easy and clear management of each of the volume settings, as well as providing an upper and lower volume boundary for the volume rocker, so the phone will not be accidentally set to an unexpected volume level.

“SoundBarrier was born out of our own desire of improvements for Android.  We have all missed phone calls because the ringer volume was turned too low by unintentional bumps against clothing and random items.  SoundBarrier solves this problem elegantly while exposing volume settings that most users never knew existed.  Best of all, we have worked meticulously to make sure SoundBarrier doesn’t draw battery power while running all the time.  We believe it is a sorely needed feature on the Android platform.”

SoundBarrier is available now for free on Google Play Store.  SoundBarrier Pro is an in-app purchase that unlocks the ability to setup Profiles for different settings for different situations. Upcoming features such as location/time based profile activation will be provided for free for Pro users.