The Wall Street Journal: Targeting Local Needs to Find Global Solutions

Adam Smith, the head judge of this year’s Asian Innovation Awards, shares his thoughts on this year’s winners.  He is Google’s the Director of Product Management APAC  who overseas YouTube across the Asia-Pacific region.

ACEHearing was the winner of the Bronze Award as well as the Audience Choice Award.

[Excerpt from article] …

the innovation of the Bronze winners comes not just from solving big problems, but from attempting to make those solutions ubiquitous. Ximplar and the Chinese University of Hong Kong’s ACEHearing tackle an issue that affects 10%-20% of the global population—hearing loss.

This inventive piece of firmware embedded in smartphones gives a phone’s owner a quick hearing test, then optimizes the phone’s audio frequencies based on the results. We’re not too far from the day where in some parts of the world smartphones will be within easier reach than health professionals

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