The Wall Street Journal: Growth Spurs Asian Entrepreneurship

The Wall Street Journal covers the 2o11 Asian Innovation Awards results.  ACEHearing was the winner of the Bronze Award as well as the Audience Choice Award.

[Except from the article] This year’s Bronze-prize winner, developed by the Chinese University of Hong Kong and Ximplar Ltd., turns everyday consumer electronics into hearing-enhancement devices. ACEHearing, which stands for Automated Customized Enhanced Hearing, will be applied first to smartphones, either as a downloadable app or as pre-installed firmware, said Andrew Van Hasselt, one of the principal developers and chair of the ear, nose and throat department at CUHK.

“Most people just try to make do and compensate for hearing loss,” Paul Lee, a director at Ximplar, said. “What they’re not aware of is they will eventually lose economic opportunities and self-confidence.” Messrs. Van Hasselt and Lee said consumers can expect to use the technology in early 2012. They see ACEHearing being incorporated into tablets, desktop and laptop PCs and MP3 players, so that users’ hearing profiles could roam with them wherever they go.

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