That pesky volume rocker can’t silence your phone anymore.

It’s almost a conspiracy. All Android phones come with volume rockers on the side that are very accessible. Too accessible.

VolumeBoundedAccidental brushes against the rockers silence (or max out) the volume all too often, resulting in missed calls (or embarrassment with obnoxiously loud ringtones).

Sound Barrier was born out of that frustration. Now you can put a upper and lower bound to you phone’s volume, or lock it down dead. Go show that rocker who’s boss.


Saving your sanity without wasting your batteries.

We love our Android phones but there is always room for improvements. One nuisance is better volume management, which SoundBarrier is designed to help. Another common concern is battery life.

We put a lot of work into the architecture of SoundBarrier to make sure it have almost zero impact to the device’s performance or battery life.


Control volumes you didn’t even know you Android phone has.

VolumeCategoriesYou may not know that the rocker has been working overtime and living different lives. It is context sensitive, meaning it will adjust the voice call volume only during a phone call, leaving the ringer, alarm, notifications volumes unchanged. Its quite ingenious.

It can also be confusing. Sound Barrier lets you see all the settings clearly in an easy-to-understand view so you won’t be surprised again.


I Love You. You’re Perfect. Now Change.

SoundBarrierHasProfilesYou fine-tuned all the individual volume barriers to your exact liking. All is well in the world. For a while.

It is human nature to experiment and explore. That’s why Sound Barrier has profiles. You can have different barriers for different situations or different users, or even turn Sound Barrier off completely.