Quality hearing care for all.

As hearing health professionals, it is our commitment to help the world hear better. Building on the foundation of ACEHearing we developed ACEScreening – a low cost and accurate hearing screening technology based on our patent-pending and award-winning hearing assessment technology.

ACEScreening is currently helping governments and medical organizations in the Developing World to provide better hearing care and planning for their citizens’ health. We are working tirelessly to bring quality hearing health care to the world.


“Hearing Assessment” is such a strong word.


The term “hearing assessment” conjures up images of oppressing windowless sound-proof rooms with a somber process, but it doesn’t have to be the case. We have worked hard to make the assessment much more approachable and fun, even by a child’s standard!  ACEScreening’s hearing assessment technology is verified in clinical trials and published in the International Journal of Audiology, so we know it is reliable and accurate.

And we didn’t stop there.  We continue to improve the user interface so that it is more engaging and visually attractive while maintaining the solid precision.  We have kid-friendly versions that feel much more like a game than a hearing screening, and we are getting good results on trials that involve thousands of young children. The future of hearing screening looks bright and fun as we keep working for new ways to improve the hearing assessment.


Working for a better tomorrow

We are currently engaged in several hearing screening trials with governments and health care providers in various developing countries. ACEScreening is reaching out to people who would otherwise have no access to any hearing health care. We are helping the world hear better, one pair of ears at a time.