Perfect hearing.  For everyone.

ACEHearing is the world’s first and only technology to quickly and accurately map out anyone’s hearing profile and automatically calibrate audio to optimize compensation accordingly.  It has won awards and support from The Wall Street Journal, Credit Suisse and the Monile Manufactureres Forum, and results of ACEHearing’s clinical trials have been published in the peer-reviewed International Journal of Audiology.

We are working with electronics manufacturers of all kinds to make ACEHearing a standard feature. Taylor-made hearing is certainly the future of consumer electronics, and soon people will be forgetting what life was before ACEHearing.

The ultimate audio equipment: The Human Brain.

For the first time, any consumer device possesses the ability to truly understand how its user receives audio.  For the first time, engineers can design audio products for the real gold audio standard – the actual hearing of each and every individual user.

The sound of opportunity knocking.

ACEHearing opens up an entirely new dimension for all audio products and services upon which the world relies.  By producing audio personalized for each individual, nothing else will sound right anymore – a tangible differentiating factor that fosters a long term and emotional bonding with each customer.  Fuller sounding phone services, richer radio music, more immersive movie experiences… the possibilities are endless.

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